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OSVALDO CIBILIS (Trento - Italy)

MIMI SHAPIRO (Lancaster - USA)


GABRIELE SPRINGER (Badzwischenahn - Germany)

Gabriele Springer

Painting… a pure Passion.

1952                 born in Stralsund (GDR)

1968 – 1971      Training as visual merchandiser

1969                 First watercolour paintings

1971                 First paintings with oil colours

1976                 moving to the Allgau 
                        Participation in different artcraft and painting workshops

1981                 Removal to Oldenburg
                        Immersion in oil painting

1987 - 1990       Residence in the Netherlands
Organisation and implementation of social working and neighbourhood
Immersion in silk painting
handcraft works with glass

Experiments and new experiences  with different materials  
first pieces of jewellery

since 1991         back to Oldenburg and main place of residence intense study and painting with oil colours and on silk structuring,mentoring and teaching  „Oil on canvas“                    
Garden and landscape architecture

seit 2011           Memebership crossart international

Hobbies:           Flamenco, Canoeing, Gym

    Relaxing:          Theatre, gardening

Painting…. pure passion

No tight style – open to originate something new and explore fascination

I’m interesting in human beings. They have two faces. The face for yourself and one for the others. But what means “to have this face for yourself”? This is one point of my interest, to think about that point, explore and express what that means. “to have it for yourself” is a feeling and in behind a (liv/fe-)story. To fix moments on canvas, is my challenge and a motivation. To capture a whole life in one moment, is for me pure excitement and a dare. 

And afterwards the nagging questions: Have you really get this only and lonely moment? This expression of the life you see in all its facets? You mesmerized it with colours on the canvas? You find the right way to capture and transport “to have it for him/herself” to the outside, or not? Is it lively and our ultimate concern?
At the end only the spectator could give a last judgment, if it’s for him a new and engaging moment.

„To paint“

Sustenance of my soul
My obsession
My craze
My passion and zeal

My paintings are my biography

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever is
And it will stay that way

To paint is an important part of my life. It belongs to me and it’s a part of me and my existence.
With the friendly and lovingly assistance of my family I can only work: my husband and my kids. I’m deeply grateful about that.

I love my life and the life itself, with all the tops and downs. Life is beautiful.

Gabriele Springer




 University Of West England (September 2007 - June 2008)
PGCE secondary Art and Design,1 year Master in Education,full time

 Academy of Art, PHD in multimedia arts 110/110, Carrara (MS), Italy .
License of  cinema operator (cabin,sound,change reels,automatic and semi-automatic).
The British school of English language (2 years), La Spezia, Italy .
High school of Art, Degree in fine arts, Carrara (MS), Italy.

 –        Multimedia language and art;
–        Cinema History;
–        TV and commercial direction;
–        Digital video cameraman and editing;
–        Script writing and story board;
–       Advanced Photoshop
–        Special effect make-up artist;
–        Fine Arts;
–        Photography 35mm processing and development of film negative and darkroom
_     Photography Digital
 –        Microsoft Word;
–        Adobe Premiere;
–        Adobe Photoshop;
–        Macromedia Flash;
–        Pinnacle Studio Video Editing;
–        FinalCut (Mac);
–        Microsoft Windows
–        Apple OSX

 Photography Exhibitions:

Die Sieben Todsunden- Collective Art exhibition in Wulf  Mobelhaus, Norderstedt, Hamburg Germany. June 2012
E’ nata una stella- La Spezia, Italy. Collective Art Charity exhibition, April 2012
Urban Karma- Maad Art Collective-The Palatine, Stoke Newington, London UK. March 2012
Performance Space Gallery- Hackney Wick London/ Curator and and artist for International group exhibition November 2011
Gotik Treffen- Liepzieg Germany June 2011
The Crypt Gallery-Limbo 13-International Arts Exhibition March 2011Euston London UK (as curator and artist)
Satura Arte-Contemporary International Art exhibition in Genova Italy (second prize in the Photography section)
Twenty Ten- Independent Liverpool Biennal 2010
 Invisible Monsters The Others Gallery Stoke Newington London February-March 2010
Nero Lux at the Korsan Bar Kingsland Road London UK January 2010
Head Space Gallery Winter’s Blues 2009 Liverpool UK December 2009
The Vision And The Void
Collective Exhibition May 2009
The Others Gallery 6-8 Manor Rd N16 5SA, London, UK
 Don't Shoot the Photographer - KEYLIGHT STUDIOS-Vauxhall-London- April 2009
 Art In Mind
Collective exhibition of photos from 5th to 16th March 2009
Opening 4th March
196 Brick Lane London, UK
 Head Space-Egg Space Winter Blues 3
16-18 Newington - Liverpool
  5th December - 4th January 2008.
   Private View: 4th December 7pm onwards
 EggSpace-HeadSpace "Continuouslines" 
Liverpool (UK) collective exhibition of Photos from 20th September to 30th November 2008
Collaboration with various photos for performance & installation.
May 2008, Shoreditch London UK, detail on May/June issue. 
 London Biennale 2008 
Collective exhibition of Photos & Videos in various locations: Paris France, Dover & Brighton
UK, Bergamo Italy  from May to August 2008
 PerForm Contemporary Art 
La Spezia, Italy  personal photo & video exhibition from the 15 march to 31 august 2008
Video Review on: (keyword: consuelo giorgi)
 Studio 444 - Baraonda Disco Bar
Massa, Italy, personal photo exhibition titled: "Naked Babes"
 Tunnel of Love 
Manarola (SP) July 2005 .photo exhibition, permanent I've participated with the picture "Disturbed Babe".

Video Exhibitions:
 Vortice Interiore - Mephisto Pub - Carrara MS Italy
April 2009
DiVus Gallery - Underground City - London - April-May 2009
8MM - Musica Arte Cibo al Femminile
NG Videodonna - Sezione Video Arte
CAMeC - Piazza Battisti 1 - La Spezia, Italy
8th March 2009
 Nuove Generazioni <32
Castello di San Giorgio - La Spezia, Italy
16th January - 1st February 2009
 The Others Gallery
6-8 Manor Rd, Stoke Newington - Hackney, London N16, UK
 Exhibition Launch Friday 28th November 2008
 Urban Center
La Spezia, Italy - collective video exhibition - september 2008
 Officina Move Bar
Firenze, Italy personal video exhibition (april 2006)

 Printmaking Exhibitions:
 The Gym Gallery
Hengrove, Bristol, UK,  from the 5th of March until the 4th of April 2008

PGCE Art and Design & Design and Technology Exhibition
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. February-March 2008

 Teaching Experiences;
 October 2008-Currently
Hampstead Fine Arts College
A LEVEL DEPARTMENT: Centre Studios Englands Lane London NW3 4YD  Tel. 020 7 586 0312  Fax.020 7 4830355
Teacher of Photography – GCSE-A level and Foundation: Photography & Media Department(2009-Currently)
Teacher of Art and Graphic KS3 – GCSE (2008-2009)

October 2003-June 2004
Private High School Teacher.
Theory and practice of Artistic lyceum courses: decoration ,drawing  reality, fine arts, architecture, anatomy. Responsable of each student.
Ruffino, La Spezia, Italy.
 Works Experiences:
July 2009 Leysin-Switzerland
Camp’s Photographer and responsible for the daily camp’s blog photos and news updates.
June-August 2008 - York UK

Summer camp for campers age 10/17, international environment.
Re call position
Education through recreation Head receptionist, general counsellor & camera operator and video editing for promotional DVDs' Performing Arts
July-August 2007 - Cork, Ireland
Summer private camp for kids between 9 and 16 years old with educations and recreations activities.
Full time-receptionist, secretary, counsellor ( post production editing and shooting camera for the final village camps show global community 2007 as promotional DVD for village camp cork.)
References available
March-July 2006-London, Uk
Camera operatoreand pre-production for the video horror show of the rockabilly band Texas Chainsaw. (not paid)

 Short Productions;
(References on request ,artistic portfolio available on pictures ,videos and CD)
THE WALDEMAR EXPERIMENT 2010 (short movie, 10 minutes, black and white)
Glorify Old school, B movie in the terror of Nazi era. (Original story by Domenico Nigro)
 SICK AND TWISTED 2005 (short movie, 29 minutes,colour)
 Professional medium length movie,a work mixed between video art,fiction and music video.
Three stories in a suburbia ambient,a surrealistic cyber horror nightmare:
The flesh and the virus with a taste of TV tube that brings the truth.
Lesbian tortures with an insaziable love for saints and martyrs.
Morbid desire of self-distruction in a techno raver body consumed from the inside.
 Shown at:
London underground film festival 2010
La Fiera Dei Morti Viventi Lecce - Italy August 2007
The Festival of Fantastic Films 2005
The 16th Annual Convention of the Society of Fantastic Films Manchester UK
Biennal art exhibition of Art Academy of Carrara (MS)-July 2005
Telestreet VTTV Carrara Italy July 2005
Lucchio art festival-Lucchio (LU)Italy 2005.
Palermo Film Festival-September 2005.
Fano International Film festival 2005 and insert in then annual catalogue.
All Casting Film magazine review  2006.
Super Eva film internet guide-review 2006.
Torino Horror Festival 2006 (Finalist)
Untoten Gothic Club Granada-Spain 2007
Tornado Rock 'n' Roll Club Granada-Spain 2007
 MASKED WOMAN - 2005 (short movie, 15 minutes,colour)
Totally demented and low budget, Troma video style,a splatter trash funny work.
 PUZZLE 2004 - (short movie, 15 minutes,colour) 
A classic psycho-horror story with acting and drama,more a movie than a video art.
 Shown at:
Tirrenia Trema2-Tirrenia(Pisa), horror and weird national 3 days exhibitions of non professionals film makers ,June 2004.
 TERROR DOUGHNUTS 2003 - (short movie, 15 minutes,colour)
Totally 80's horror B-movie.
 Finalist at Turin thrash film festival, December 2003,finalist

 Video Art and Experimental Productions:

THE THREE LITTLE PIGGIES- 2010 (10 minutes, colour)
A dark contemporary version of the famous children's’ novel

 ° CHRYSALIS - 2009 (Video Art, 11 minutes, colours)
A mental pre-born void become a mental dungeon. Pre-Dead worms are breeder with liquid blind visions.
Shown at:
San Giorgio’s Castle exhibition in La Spezia Italy June 2009
Finalist at Corto in Città video contest December 2009 at the Cinema Nuovo in La Spezia Italy

 ° THE OUTSIDER - 2008 (video-art, 11 minutes, colour & b/w)
A free interpretation of H.P Lovecraft's "The Outsider".
From a warm limbo to a rejected cold reality.
 Shown at:
Vortice Interiore - Mephisto Pub - Carrara MS Italy
April 2009
 Nuove Generazioni <32
Castello di San Giorgio - La Spezia
16th January - 1st February 2009
 ° LAGRIMA- 2007 (video-art, 2 minutes, b/w)
co-directed with Rosa Ortega
Literally drowing in desperation
 °  CONGIUNZIONE- 2007 (video-art, 5 minutes, colour & b/w)
Getting pregnant with a dream,
having an affair with dark memories, in isolated wispers.
Shown at:
8MM - Musica Arte Cibo al Femminile
NG Videodonna - Sezione Video Arte
CAMeC - Piazza Battisti 1 - La Spezia, Italy
8th March 2009

    °    CINEMA STRANGE- 2006 (experimental video-art, 4 minutes, colour)
      Psycho dissertation about film feticism, in a dark feminine double vision.
 Shown at:
PerForm Contemporary Art 
La Spezia, Italy  personal photo & video exhibition from the 15 march to 31 august 2008
Video Review on: (keyword: consuelo giorgi)
 Video Punto Zero
Video Art Exhibition Torino 2007
 ●       INCUBATRICE - 2004 (experimental short movie, 7 minutes,colour)
Total politically uncorrect,about abortion,the women –mother role and the joy of the penetration from the inside to the outside.Fast and editing and techno core music.

Shown at:
Tirrenia Trema2-Tirrenia(Pisa), horror and weird national 3 days exhibitions of non professionals film makers ,June 2004.
 ●       TV CONSPIRACY - 2004 (video art, 5 minutes,colour)
Winner Award at the Fantastic Film Festival in Manchester UK 2004
 Video art divided in 3 parts: Run Goth Chick - Home Sweet Home - TV Always Prevails.
 ●       YOU CREATE ME AND NOW YOU HATE ME  - 2003 (video art, 10 minutes, black/white)
video art very empirical.
 Shown at:
Frankestain è vivo!,2 weeks exhibition dedicate at the Frankestain creature in San Terenzo castle
(Lerici SP)
Tigullio Rock Festival-Lavagna-Italy-August 2006-Music,art and film festival
  ●       PORN FOR ALIENS – 2003 (experimental short movie, 2 versions : 14 minutes and 10 minutes Black/ white and colour)
Disturbing noir David Lynch style.
 Shown at:
Tirrenia Trema,(Tirrenia, Pisa)horror and weird national 3 days exhibitions of non professionals film makers ,June 2003.
Comunicare fa male( Fivizzano MS)July 2003,1 week local exhibitions of young video makers.
Erotismo e Noir ,exhibition inside the Academy of Art in Carrara ,photos and videos about Porn for Aliens ,1 week, April 2003,with very good review from the locals newspapers.
6` Festival Internazionale del Corto di Sabina, finalist at international film festival in Sabina Italy ,July 2003.
Fano International Film Festival-finalist and put on the recognized catalogue of the festival, July 2003.
Sexy Blood, video and photos exhibition at Baraonda disco bar (Marina di Massa MS)during an hard core concert October2003.
Consequenza Rassegna, local exhibitions of young video artists in 6 nights, December, January 2004.
 Music Videoclip:
   ° EMISSION - 2008 (videoclip, 4 minutes, b/w)

Industrial pleasure's regurgitation, an electric emission.
 Shown at:
 Underground City @ Divus Unit 30
curated by Michaela Freeman
Divus Unit 30 Cremer Business Centre 37 Cremer Street E2 8HD
April - May 2009

The Others Gallery

 6-8 Manor Rd, Stoke Newington - Hackney, London N16, UK
Exhibition Launch Friday 28th november 2008
 Les Petites Lumiere 2008
 °    DYING IN SWEET WATER- 2006 (videoclip, 5 minutes, B/N)
   A romantic liquid sound of a tragic chase, in a fake virgin old fashion landscape
 Shown at:
Vortice Interiore - Mephisto Pub - Carrara MS Italy
April 2009
 PerForm Contemporary Art 
La Spezia, Italy  personal photo & video exhibition from the 15 march to 31 august 2008
Video Review on: (keyword: consuelo giorgi)
 PesarHorrorFest - Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Letteratura Horror - Pesaro 21-26 Agosto 2007
A Corto Di Donne III edizione Pozzuoli (NA) Giugno 2007
Les Petites Lumiere Bologna 2007

Video Punto Zero - Video Art Exhibition Torino 2007
 ●       KILLING OFELIA – 2003 (videoclip, 3 minutes, colour)
 Shown at:
Vortice Interiore - Mephisto Pub - Carrara MS Italy
April 2009
 Tirrenia Trema,(Tirrenia, Pisa)horror and weird national 3 days exhibitions of non professionals film makers, June 2003.
Joe D’Amato Film Festival, International film festival at Collesalvetti, Livorno, September 2003,finalist.
Finalist Zone Video, local film festival for young video makers in Empoli February 2004.
Tigullio Rock Festival-Lavagna-Italy-August 2006-Music,art and film festival
 ●       ALTERATED LONDON – 2005 (documentary,45minutes,colour)
A documentary about alternative London scenein the lasts 20 years until now,about arts,politics,underground scene,alternative magazines etc…
Interviews at:Alternative London the magazine-Ashley photographer of Skin Deep and Total Tattoo,fetish scene parties and exhibitions-DJ Death the techno goth dj of few fetish alternative clubs in London-Steward Home the father of plagiarism and neoism manifesto,radical acktivist and writer from the 70s until now.
 Shown at:
Telestreet Carrara(MS)Italy 2005
 ●       CYBERVISIONS – 2004  (documentary,15 minutes,colour)
Cyberpunk movement in political,art,music etc…between video shots and interviews,dirty images to remember the’do it yourself’,fast and caothic.
 Shown at:
Telestreet Carrara 2005
 ●       OTAKU-M - 2003 
(experimental, 10 minutes, colour)
 Shown at:
Biennale di Carrara-Academy of Art biennial exhibition of students works.
(documentary, 15 minutes, colour)
Professional with interviews to psychologists, doctors, people on the street and a catholic priest ,try to be very objective.
 Shown at:
Biennale di Carrara-Academy of Art biennial exhibition of students works.

 At this address the "SHOWREEL #1"
 The site ‘ cyber feminism ’written and done with flash and dreamweaver
The mini site about the independent label ‘Re-Search’ written and done with flash and dreamweaver.
(to see this 2 sites you have to go to the site )
Under the same site hacker art I have done 2 project into the database:
-Some kind of surreal-about underground contemporary literature in USA
-Cyber visions ,all about cyberpunk movement ,politics ,history, fashion, literature, music ,art etc… (italian) (currently off-line)
Horror meets Weird is a website about the thesis of horror and weird cinema from the early XXI century until now and its connection with the arts, music and youth movements.2005

Help occasionally in various contests ,festivals ,underground markets etc.. as Lucca Comics ,Rome Tattoo Convention ,Future Show Bologna,2000,as secretary ,customer care etc...
1999 February-September
Junior body piercer,customer care,tattooist assistant,full time.
Tattoo studio-Mornington Crescent-London-Uk
March –October 2000
Full time,tattooist and body piercer
(Camden Town/Lock, London,UK)
 October 2000 - September 2001
Full time senior body piercer  and tattoo,customer care,jewellery order
Camden Town London UK
June –October 2004
Full time body piercer
Fulham Brodway London UK
April-August 2006
Full Time body piercer and tattooist

Music Album Covers and Fanzines productions:
 Making original covers for various underground punk rock ,local bands in Italy  including inside album design  and lyrics , produced to the Malarie Records France-Poland and The Bombers from Rome ’Juicy Shoes ’,’Pussy Face ‘,’Buffalo Bitch ’albums ,also available on Organ records UK .Self production fanzines ,cover and inside parts ,also sells abroad in some music stores ,and on Organ records English catalogues’ Santa Riot’ ,and collaborations with other small Italian magazines as ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Clit Rock’ from Rome .Under commission from independent small press concerts and parties flyers and posters. Works from 1998 until now.

 Commercials productions:
 Commercials manifestos for some no-profit campaigns:
Right of abortion-3different posters ,arrived in the finalist of the Woman’s world, Carrara, Italy 2003
Have a clean city-1 poster for the local concourse, Carrara, Italy 2003.