domenica 22 luglio 2012

GABRIELE SPRINGER (Badzwischenahn - Germany)

Gabriele Springer

Painting… a pure Passion.

1952                 born in Stralsund (GDR)

1968 – 1971      Training as visual merchandiser

1969                 First watercolour paintings

1971                 First paintings with oil colours

1976                 moving to the Allgau 
                        Participation in different artcraft and painting workshops

1981                 Removal to Oldenburg
                        Immersion in oil painting

1987 - 1990       Residence in the Netherlands
Organisation and implementation of social working and neighbourhood
Immersion in silk painting
handcraft works with glass

Experiments and new experiences  with different materials  
first pieces of jewellery

since 1991         back to Oldenburg and main place of residence intense study and painting with oil colours and on silk structuring,mentoring and teaching  „Oil on canvas“                    
Garden and landscape architecture

seit 2011           Memebership crossart international

Hobbies:           Flamenco, Canoeing, Gym

    Relaxing:          Theatre, gardening

Painting…. pure passion

No tight style – open to originate something new and explore fascination

I’m interesting in human beings. They have two faces. The face for yourself and one for the others. But what means “to have this face for yourself”? This is one point of my interest, to think about that point, explore and express what that means. “to have it for yourself” is a feeling and in behind a (liv/fe-)story. To fix moments on canvas, is my challenge and a motivation. To capture a whole life in one moment, is for me pure excitement and a dare. 

And afterwards the nagging questions: Have you really get this only and lonely moment? This expression of the life you see in all its facets? You mesmerized it with colours on the canvas? You find the right way to capture and transport “to have it for him/herself” to the outside, or not? Is it lively and our ultimate concern?
At the end only the spectator could give a last judgment, if it’s for him a new and engaging moment.

„To paint“

Sustenance of my soul
My obsession
My craze
My passion and zeal

My paintings are my biography

Same as it ever was
Same as it ever is
And it will stay that way

To paint is an important part of my life. It belongs to me and it’s a part of me and my existence.
With the friendly and lovingly assistance of my family I can only work: my husband and my kids. I’m deeply grateful about that.

I love my life and the life itself, with all the tops and downs. Life is beautiful.

Gabriele Springer

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