sabato 15 settembre 2012

AKHMAD SYAFII HARAHAP (Bandung - Indonesia)

Born in Mataram, NTB, February 11st 1987. Earned bachelor degree in Graphic Design at Institut Teknologi Nasional, Bandung-Indonesia. Working as a Design Supervisor at X-Bargo Design, Indonesia. Interest in fine art, movie and football journalistic.

Formal Education :

- Graphic Design at Institut Teknologi Nasional
Bandung, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition :

- Class of  99 Exhibition di SMPN 29, Bandung.

- Final Project Exhibition at ITENAS, Bandung.

Artist Bio / Statement :

Every person have their own perspective on events in the universe, and certainly we as humans will react whether speaking directly, writing, or even express it in a visual form. And how ungrateful person I am if I didn’t use these incredible free stuff: mind and body to express with creating artworks.

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