sabato 15 settembre 2012

PRABU PERDANA (Bandung - Indonesia)

Rd.Prabu Perdana

I was born in Tasikmalaya,West Java,Indonesia..,October 12th 1984
Graduated from Visual Communication Design, National Technology Institute Bandung, Indonesia in 2009
Interested in fine art,(painting),illustration design,,vintage design,etc.

Formal Education :
- Studied at Graphic Design, National Technology Institute (ITENAS),
Bandung, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition :
· TPB Exhibition at GSG ITENAS, Bandung.
· Exhibition at DKV Building ITENAS, Bandung.
-TK Fest 3, “Legend Syndrome” Exhibition at Bale Café, Yogyakarta

-Multitalenan Visual Art Exhibition, CCf Bandung
-Warning Planet Book Exhibition at Mvd Elysium Gallery, Uruguay
-Hip Hugger Painting exhibition, Toca Me Bar, 95 Street Club, Singapore.
-“ADA” pameran seni grafis, Balai Soejatmoko, Solo
-Prints Exhibition in Historic Museum of Santa Lucia, Uruguay
-Peep(s) Show in Qgallery, Minnesota, USA
- “Mainkan” visual art exhibition at Gedung Kesenian Solo, Indonesia

- International Mail Art Project Women Right 4, Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno, Uruguay
- International Mail Art Project about Women, Galeria Blanca Berlin , Direccion: C/ Limón, 28- Madrid, Spain.
-3° Salon De Pequeno Formato (3° small format exhibition saloon) Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno, Uruguay
-TK Fest 4, “Hydro Pirate”, UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta
-ACT’s, Stop Asking, Show Your Real Action, Visual art exhibition, Bentara Budaya Jakarta
-“Yes It is”, online exhibition at

Others Experience:
- Champion 1, child painting competition as West Java in 1989 in order Hardiknas Levels of TK-1 -- Champion beautiful painting competition 1989 cap 1st-painting competition in the framework of PSA Police Tasikmalaya 4 November 1989
-Kindergarten coloring contest Nominations January 2, 1991
-Winner Group A-1 Painting Competition Balloon, Balloon Festival Painting Competition, Tasikmalaya, August 18, 1991
-Champion Harapam-​​1 group B, Indah3 Hat Painting Competition, 1991, Sustainable Canopy Club -Champion 1, child painting competition for primary / MI kab.Tasikmalaya within the framework of a national education day 1993
-Champion 3-painting contest / drawing classes 4,5,6, SDN Citapen observation activities PGSD 15 Sept 1994 SD-1 Champion Porseni yr 95/96 TKT kec.Tawang
-Champion 2-week art competition sports and arts 95/96 as the district Tasikmalaya
-Art Contest Winner 1 SD as kab.Tasikmalaya Hardiknas 1996
-Drawing Contest Winner 1 PORSENIAK SLTPN 1 Tasikmalaya 1997 Painting Competition Winner 1-TKT-kab se junior. Tasikmalaya December 13, 1998 Painting Competition
-Winner 1 Tkt.SLTP a Priangan East in order to welcome the new Islamic year 1421 H. held at the SMU 1 Tasikmalaya 2 April 2000 Urungkan pengeditan

-Interviewed in Signflash rubric, SignMagz, ( design and culture magazine)
-Interviewed in Suave Magazine
-“ Javan tiger” pencil on paper, 2012 – has been Commended “Finalist” in the International Artist category of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 competition.

Collections :

-“Free as A Bird”, acrylic on paper, 2010, “Shark and Crocodile”, acrylic on paper, 2011, “Venus Things”, mix media on paper, 2010, “Penggundulan Hutan”, print on paper, 2006, “Nightmare”, print on paper, 2006, dikoleksi oleh Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno, Uruguay.
-“ Tielman Brothers at Kaisserkeller Café 1960”, pencil on paper, 2009, collected by Qgallery, Brainerd Minnesota, USA

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