mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

Данила Ремизов - Daniel Remizov

"Photos are stylish, not boring, well-executed. They go well with models playing games in the surrounding landscape, in which they acted out the human stories. An appealing openness and reckless manner of the author draws the viewer into the action, happening on photographic paper. There is a direct emotional impact of images,strong and determined, and that is precisely what many contemporary photographers have only dreamed of. "

- Maxim Pavlov. Magazine "Photomagazin", Moscow

"... Although Remizov shows the real world, in his heart he surrealist, and the deceptive simplicity lies the uncanny sharpness. The author himself has defined his job: "There is something so eager to get, many modern artists who claim almost as a fundamental law of art - need to go beyond its scope, boundaries, limits. Overcomingboundaries can occur not so formally, as required by the modern art establishment. On the contrary, it seems much more attractive form of cheat, like staying within its limits,in reality, away from it farther and farther away. The most important thing - photo should be a photograph, even if it is a modern conceptual design, even if black and white negatives are printed on colour paper ... "

- Anna Streltsova. "Literary Gazette", Moscow

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