giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

Lorraine Kwan

I think you were probably  expecting a biography but this is far more interesting because its true -
Current Canadian news item...
“After numerous unsuccessful attempts to prosecute polygamy the province’s attorney general has asked the B.C. Supreme Court to determine whether the law against polygamy is consistent with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and if charges may only be laid when the polygamous relationship is with a minor or involves abuse. Chief Justice Robert Bauman will hear from over 30 witnesses, including legal experts, sociologists, and people living in polygamous relationships. Justice Bauman’s decision, while not binding, will have a major impact on prosecutors’ willingness to charge polygamists and on the fate of future court battles. Pro-family advocates have long warned that the recognition of same-sex civil unions and “marriage” would open the door also to the legalization of polygamy. The case is expected to last until the end of January.

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